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Transmission investment problems in Europe: Going beyond standard solutions

Transmission investment problems in Europe: Going beyond standard solutions,10.1016/j.enpol.2011.01.012,Energy Policy,Patrik Buijs,David Bekaert,Stijn

Transmission investment problems in Europe: Going beyond standard solutions   (Citations: 1)
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The European transmission grid is facing an investment challenge. There is a strong call for more transmission capacity. At the same time, the investment climate is fierce and troubled by public opposition, a complex regulatory framework, etc. Many transmission capacity expansion projects are delayed or canceled. In this paper different technology options suitable for increasing transmission capacity are discussed. The aim is to provide policy-makers with information on technologies without going too much into technical details. The focus is on opportunities and limitations to implement various technological alternatives in practice, including technical solutions that go beyond constructing new connection lines. The criteria used in this technology assessment are based on the obstacles reported in the European Priority Interconnection Plan. This ensures a realistic approach based on problems encountered in real projects. Although AC overhead lines (OHL) will remain the standard solution for grid expansion, it is argued that different technology options can overcome many obstacles that OHL face. Additionally, it is illustrated that the higher investment costs for some solutions can be offset with an increased benefit, e.g. by accomplishing investments with smaller delays due to fewer obstacles encountered.
Journal: Energy Policy - ENERG POLICY , vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 1794-1801, 2011
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    • ...DC line losses are lower (no skin effect, no proximity effect); AC cables experience a high charging current which limits their length, long AC cables at very high voltages are difficult to construct and are expensive; Cable connections in the sea are also cheaper (less joints) [8]; Offshore resources, as well as connections outside the main continent, are virtually inaccessible when using AC; DC systems does not emit any varying ...

    Dirk Van Hertemet al. Technical limitations towards a SuperGrid — A European prospective

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