Holographic description of Kerr–Bolt–AdS–dS spacetimes

Holographic description of Kerr–Bolt–AdS–dS spacetimes,10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2011.02.013,Engineering Structures,B. Chen,A. M. Ghezelbash,V. Kamali,M. R.

Holographic description of Kerr–Bolt–AdS–dS spacetimes   (Citations: 1)
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We show that there exists a holographic 2D CFT description of a Kerr–Bolt–AdS–dS spacetime. We first consider the wave equation of a massless scalar field propagating in extremal Kerr–Bolt–AdS–dS spacetimes and find in the “near region”, the wave equation in extremal limit could be written in terms of the SL(2,R) quadratic Casimir. This suggests that there exist dual CFT descriptions of these black holes. In the probe limit, we compute the scattering amplitudes of the scalar off the extremal black holes and find perfect agreement with the CFT prediction. Furthermore we study the holographic description of the generic four-dimensional non-extremal Kerr–Bolt–AdS–dS black holes. We find that if focusing on the near-horizon region, for the massless scalar scattering in the low-frequency limit, the radial equation could still be rewritten as the SL(2,R) quadratic Casimir, suggesting the existence of dual 2D description. We read the temperatures of the dual CFT from the conformal coordinates and obtain the central charges by studying the near-horizon geometry of near-extremal black holes. We recover the macroscopic entropy from the microscopic counting. We also show that for the super-radiant scattering, the retarded Greenʼs functions and the corresponding absorption cross sections are in perfect match with CFT prediction.
Journal: Engineering Structures - ENG STRUCT , vol. 848, no. 1, pp. 108-120, 2011
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