Bensulfuron-methyl : mixed culture microbial degradation maintenance

Bensulfuron-methyl : mixed culture microbial degradation maintenance,10.1016/S0944-5013(97)80004-3,Microbiological Research,Tullio Brusa,Fabrizio Ferr

Bensulfuron-methyl : mixed culture microbial degradation maintenance   (Citations: 2)
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In nature the biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds occurs through co-metabolism processes by microbial associations. The in vitro study of these metabolic processes entails the use of mixed microbial cultures, in which it is difficult to maintain degradative activity over time. We have set up appropriate working conditions to maintain, in methanogenic conditions, mixed cultures actively degrading bensulfuron-methyl. Initially the degrading activity of microbial cultures growing on two different media was comparable. Microscope observations of the mixed cultures revealed the presence of methanobacteria; moreover in medium MB it was found that the degradative activity of the mixture gradually diminished with time, the number of methanobacteria also diminishing and finally disappearing. On the contrary, in the M9 MOD medium the degradative activity remained stable.
Journal: Microbiological Research - MICROBIOL RES , vol. 152, no. 2, pp. 137-141, 1997
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