Ordering and magnetostriction in Fe alloy single crystals

Ordering and magnetostriction in Fe alloy single crystals,10.1016/j.pcrysgrow.2011.07.001,Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials

Ordering and magnetostriction in Fe alloy single crystals  
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Short-range and long-range ordering in α-Fe terminal solid solution phase (A2 phase with bcc structure) influences its physical, mechanical, magnetic and magnetostrictive behavior. Single crystal sample forms are ideal for examining order in these alloys using X-ray and neutron scattering techniques. Limited structural information available suggests that the lattice of A2 phase at room temperature contains a mixture of regions with local atomic environments similar to those expected in the long-range ordered structures in stable/metastable equilibrium with the A2 phase. The nature and extent of these regions are sensitive to alloy composition and the thermal history. The lattice strain modulations result from the nature of solute atom distribution (short-range ordering) in each region and impact the physical, mechanical, corrosion and magnetic behaviors. A need for a fundamental understanding of ordering in Fe and other alloys through structural evaluations of local atomic environments in alloy single crystals is suggested in this review.
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