Blue-emitting copolymers of isoquinoline and fluorene

Blue-emitting copolymers of isoquinoline and fluorene,10.1016/j.reactfunctpolym.2011.05.006,Reactive & Functional Polymers,Renchu Scaria,Nigel T. Luca

Blue-emitting copolymers of isoquinoline and fluorene  
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5,8-Linked copolymers of isoquinoline with fluorene were synthesized by Pd(0)-catalyzed Suzuki polycondensation reaction. The polymers showed good solubility in common organic solvents and the number average molecular weights determined from GPC analysis fall in the range of 7.03–8.08×103g/mol. The photoluminescence spectra of these neutral materials in solution exhibit emission maxima in the range 408–426nm. An X-ray diffraction study on a single crystal of a 5,8-di(9,9-dimethylfluoren-2-yl) isoquinoline model compound shows it to have a non-planar conformation and sheds light on the factors that drive the solid-state packing. The alkylation of the imine nitrogen was achieved by treatment with methyl iodide and the alkylated products were characterized by 1H NMR, 13C NMR and UV–vis spectroscopy. The absorption maxima of model compounds and polymers were red shifted by 46–70nm upon N-alkylation.
Journal: Reactive & Functional Polymers - REACT FUNCT POLYM , vol. 71, no. 8, pp. 849-856, 2011
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