Water vapor sorption on surfactant-templated porous silica xerogels

Water vapor sorption on surfactant-templated porous silica xerogels,10.1016/j.micromeso.2011.01.026,Microporous and Mesoporous Materials,Haibin Li,Min

Water vapor sorption on surfactant-templated porous silica xerogels  
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Porous silica xerogels are prepared by sol–gel syntheses templated with Brij56 or F127 surfactants. The porous properties of the obtained silica xerogels are characterized by N2 sorption measurements. The F127 surfactant-templated silica xerogel exhibits a pore size distribution peaking at 4.2nm in the mesopore region, a pore surface are of 510m2g−1, and a pore volume of 0.545mLg−1, while the Brij56 surfactant-templated silica xerogel has a bimodal pore size distribution with maxima at 0.65nm and near 2nm in the micropore region, a pore surface area of 739m2g−1, and a pore volume of 0.354mLg−1. Their water vapor sorption properties are evaluated under various relative humidity at 25 and 35°C using gravimetric technique. The results show that the F127 surfactant-templated xerogel with larger pore size and higher volume could absorb a large amount of water molecules at high humidity and efficiently release it at low humidity, such that it has a large water adsorption–desorption capacity, whilst the Brij56 surfactant-templated xerogel with smaller pore size and larger pore surface area could maintain a high water content even at low humidity levels.
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