CAESAR: Development of a SEWGS model for IGCC

CAESAR: Development of a SEWGS model for IGCC,10.1016/j.egypro.2011.01.167,Energy Procedia,A. D. Wright,V. White,J. R. Hufton,R. Quinn,P. D. Cobden,E.

CAESAR: Development of a SEWGS model for IGCC  
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Sorption-enhanced water-gas-shift (SEWGS) is a promising new technology for improving the efficiency of pre-combustion power production with carbon capture. It combines removal of CO2 from syngas using a packed bed of sorbent at high temperature (350 °C–550 °C) with conversion of CO and H2O to CO2 and H2O through the water-gas-shift reaction. Previous studies on SEWGS have focused on natural gas derived syngas, but no work has been completed to date on alternative feedstocks such as coal. Therefore, experimental, modelling and process simulation work has been completed on a new sorbent material within the CAESAR project to address this question. Key to the success of SEWGS is the amount of steam that must be used for purging and rinsing. Modelling results show that similar amounts of steam are required to operate a SEWGS unit fed using syngas derived from either coal or natural gas. For both cases a target of 2 moles of steam supplied per mole of carbon in the feed appears achievable.
Journal: Energy Procedia , vol. 4, pp. 1147-1154, 2011
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