Corrosion and materials selection issues in carbon capture plants

Corrosion and materials selection issues in carbon capture plants,10.1016/j.egypro.2011.02.083,Energy Procedia,M. A. Billingham,C.-H. Lee,L. Smith,M.

Corrosion and materials selection issues in carbon capture plants  
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The construction of the process plant required for carbon capture in power generation and also other industrial processes is expected to be among the most significant capital investments of the next 20–30 years. The correct choice of materials for piping, vessels and all types of equipment will be vital in ensuring the long-term performance, safety and high operational availability of the capture plants through their lifetime. Controlling capital and operating costs related to materials will help enable a wider and faster roll-out of carbon capture systems. It is apparent that there is a need to investigate the potential materials degradation and corrosion risks in the carbon capture processes and the related material selection issues.The International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas (IEA GHG) Research and Development Programme has sponsored a study of corrosion issues and materials selection in carbon capture, transport and storage. This paper summarises some of the outcomes of that study relating to the carbon capture systems. The focus is on materials degradation risks from the process streams and materials issues specific to the carbon capture processes. An overview is provided of corrosion and materials issues related to the three main carbon capture processes (Post-combustion, Pre-combustion (IGCC) and Oxy-fuel). Some specific corrosion issues and problems are discussed. Areas where potential problems exist or where further studies are required are highlighted.
Journal: Energy Procedia , vol. 4, pp. 2020-2027, 2011
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