Statistics on Logic Simulation

Statistics on Logic Simulation,10.1109/DAC.1986.1586062,K. F. Wong,M. A. Franklin,R. D. Chamberlain,B. L. Shing

Statistics on Logic Simulation   (Citations: 2)
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The high costs associated with logic simulation of large VLSI based systems have led to the need for new computer architectures tailored to the simulation task. Such architectures have the potential for significant speedups over standard software based logic simulators. Several commercial simulation engines have been produced to satisfy needs in this area. To properly explore the space of alternative simulation architectures, data is required on the simulation process itself. This paper presents a framework for such data gathering activity by first examining possible sources of speedup in the logic simulation task, examining the sort of data needed in the design of simulation engines, and then presenting such data. The data contained in the paper includes information on subtask times found in standard discrete event simulation algorithms, event intensities, queue length distributions and simultaneous event distributions.
Conference: Design Automation Conference - DAC , pp. 13-19, 1986
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