Sensor/Actuator Placement for Flexible Space Structures

Sensor/Actuator Placement for Flexible Space Structures,Physica B-condensed Matter,P. G. Maghami,S. M. Joshi

Sensor/Actuator Placement for Flexible Space Structures   (Citations: 1)
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A new approach for the placement of sensors and actuators in the active control of flexible space structures is developed. The approach converts the discrete nature of sensor and actuator positioning problem to a nonlinear programming optimization through approximation of the control forces and output measurements by spatially continuous functions. The locations of the sensors and actuators are optimized in order to move the transmission zeros of the system farther to the left of the imaginary axis. This criterion for sensor/actuator placement can be quite useful for optimal regulation and tracking problems, as well as for low authority controller designs. Two performance metrics are considered for the optimizaton and are applied to the sensor/actuator positioning of a large-order flexible space structure.
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