An ER-Based Framework for Declarative Web Programming

An ER-Based Framework for Declarative Web Programming,10.1007/978-3-642-11503-5_18,Michael Hanus,Sven Koschnicke

An ER-Based Framework for Declarative Web Programming   (Citations: 2)
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We describe a framework to support the implementation of web-based systems to manipulate data stored in relational databases. Since the conceptual model of a relational database is often specified as an entity -relationship (ER) model, we propose to use the ER model to generate a complete implementation in the declarative programming language Curry. This implementation contains op- erations to create and manipulate entities, supports authe ntication, authorization, session handling, and the composition of individual operations to user processes. Furthermore and most important, the implementation ensures the consistency of the database w.r.t. the data dependencies specified in the ER model, i.e., updates initiated by the user cannot lead to an inconsistent state of the database. In or- der to generate a high-level declarative implementation that can be easily adapted to individual customer requirements, the framework exploits previous works on declarative database programming and web user interface construction in Curry.
Conference: Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages - PADL , pp. 201-216, 2010
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    • ...Techniques that can be applied to simplify web form construction and maintenance have been investigated by researchers in web engineering [33,34,30,6], computer security [31, 8] formal methods [9], programming languages [19, 18, 5, 26, 10, 17], databases [7, 14], artificial intelligence [20, 23, 22], and configuration management [32, 28, 27, 1]. Most of the related work either prohibits web form users from causing errors or forces web form ...

    Timothy L. Hinrichs. Plato: A Compiler for Interactive Web Forms

    • ...The combination of these features has led to new design patterns [6] and better abstractions for application programming, e.g., as shown for programming with databases [14,18], GUI programming [21], web programming [22,23,26], or string parsing [17]...

    Bernd Braßelet al. KiCS2: A New Compiler from Curry to Haskell

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