Sir J.C. Bose revisited [MM wave research]

Sir J.C. Bose revisited [MM wave research],10.1109/TENCON.1998.798146,Tapan K. Sarkar

Sir J.C. Bose revisited [MM wave research]  
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The presentation of the work of Sir. J.C. Bose (1895, 1896, 1897, 1927) to the scientific community has resulted in a plethora of newspaper articles which claimed that perhaps the western scientific world of Lords Rayleigh and Kelvin which created Bose, attempted to deprive him of his Noble Prize for his work on electromagnetic phenomena which were carried out at the same time as that of Marconi. In view of this, it is perhaps worthwhile to take a critical look at Sir J.C. Boses's work on millimeter waves and appraise what the contemporary scientists thought about it. During such a review, we found many interesting issues which are the subject of this paper. There is no question that the scientific community embraced Bose as a great experimentalist. Creating accurate apparatus was his forte. However, there appears to be some serious questions lingering on his scientific work which was communicated to him by Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Crooks. The objective of this article is to review that situation
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