The KALIF-HELIA accelerator: description, program and status

The KALIF-HELIA accelerator: description, program and status,10.1109/BEAMS.1998.822418,P. Hoppe,W. Bauer,H. Bluhm,V. Carboni,J. Fockler,G. Kessler,K.

The KALIF-HELIA accelerator: description, program and status   (Citations: 3)
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P. Hoppe, W. Bauer, H. Bluhm, V. Carboni, J. Fockler, G. Kessler, K. Leber, K. Nielsen, K. Prestwich, W. Ratajczak, D. Rusch, J. Singer
The 6 MV, 400 kA accelerator KALIF-HELIA is presently under construction at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. It is based on a design that couples a self-magnetically insulated transmission line with the linac induction principle. The accelerator can be used in either polarity for the generation of an ion- or an electron beam respectively. In positive polarity improvement of the quality of intense light ion beams will be the most important research area. Beam divergence scaling laws with voltage and mass will be investigated experimentally. In negative polarity the extracted electron beam will be used for potential future applications where a high dose, high dose rate and a large exposure area might be advantageous
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    • ...The generator, a 6-stage, magneticallyinsulated inductive voltage adder (MNA), was originally designed for operation at 6-MV and 36044 (2.2 TW) [I] with the primary application at FZK [2] of intense, lightion-heam generation, The machine was designed for operation with either positive or negative high voltage on the center conductor of the coaxial output (positive and negative polarity, respectively)...

    R. J. Commissoet al. Status of the Mercury pulsed-power generator, a 6MV 360kA, magneticall...

    • ...A modest increase in PFL output voltage from 1 MV to 1.35 MV was considered reasonable, and this led to the use of 12 cells and PFLs for 16 MV. The resulting 3-MV charge voltage for the PFLs is like that of Kalif-Helia [7] and thus allowed the use of TC and LTGS designs similar to or the same as those of Kalif-Helia [6]...

    Ian D. Smithet al. Design of a radiographic integrated test stand (RITS) based on a volta...

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