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Pulsed, high energy testing of resistors

Pulsed, high energy testing of resistors,10.1109/PPC.1999.823612,S. I. Shkuratov,M. Kristiansen,J. Dickens,L. L. Hatfield,E. Horrocks

Pulsed, high energy testing of resistors  
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Three types of resistors have been tested to determine maximum usable power at pulsed high voltage and pulsed high current. Experiments were carried out using high voltage cable generators and spark-gap generators. Pulse durations were varied from 0.7 μs to 21 μs. The pulse amplitudes were varied from 1 kV to 12 kV. The peak current reached was 3 kA. Metal film, carbon film and carbon composition resistors of four different rated powers (0.25 W, 0.5 W, 1 W, 2 W) have been tested. Data are given for the limiting pulsed energy for each type of resistor in nanosecond and microsecond time ranges. The mechanisms of failure and destruction of resistors under the action of high voltage and high current pulses are discussed
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