UAV cooperative control

UAV cooperative control,10.1109/ACC.2001.945512,Phillip R. Chandler,M. Pachter,S. Rasmussen

UAV cooperative control   (Citations: 63)
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This paper addresses the development of cooperative rendezvous and cooperative target classification agents in a hierarchical distributed control system for unmanned aerospace vehicles. For cooperative rendezvous, a Voronoi based polygonal path is generated to minimize exposure to radar. The rendezvous agent minimizes team exposure from Individual coordination functions while satisfying stringent timing constraints. For cooperative target classification, templates are developed, optimal trajectories are followed, and adjacent vehicles are assigned to view at complementary aspect angles. Views axe statistically combined to maximize the probability of correct target classification over various aspect angles
Conference: American Control Conference - ACC , vol. 1, pp. 50-55 vol.1, 2001
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