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The tracking system of the ALICE dimuon spectrometer

The tracking system of the ALICE dimuon spectrometer,10.1109/NSSMIC.2003.1352128,Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems,S. Basciu,M. Arba,I. Atanassov,C.

The tracking system of the ALICE dimuon spectrometer  
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S. Basciu, M. Arba, I. Atanassov, C. Cicalo, A. De Falco, M. Floris, L. La Delfa, D. Marras, A. Masoni, G. Puddu, S. Serci, E. Siddi
The ALICE Muon Spectrometer is mainly dedicated to the measurement of the production of the J/ψ, and Y families through their decay into muon pairs, in Pb-Pb collisions. In this paper we give a description of the dimuon tracking system, mainly concentrating on the modular CSC chambers which occupy the last three stations. The R&D phase is now almost over and the production of the final modules started. A description of the main performances of the detectors based on test beam results on prototypes will be given.
Journal: Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems , vol. 1, pp. 660-664 Vol.1, 2003
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