Fast, long-wavelength scintillators and waveshifters

Fast, long-wavelength scintillators and waveshifters,10.1109/NSSMIC.2005.1596370,K. Andert,B. Baumbaugh,A. Brothers,A. David,H. Gunther,J. Gurrola,D.

Fast, long-wavelength scintillators and waveshifters  
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K. Andert, B. Baumbaugh, A. Brothers, A. David, H. Gunther, J. Gurrola, D. Karmgard, T. Madlem, J. Marchant, P. McGough, M. McKenna, R. Ruchti
Studies are presented of new blue-green to red emitting scintillator and waveshifter materials for tracking and calorimetry applications for the detection of ionizing radiation. Materials include plastic scintillators, liquid scintillators, and plastic scintillating and waveshifting fibers. Program goals are to develop faster and more efficient detection media for a variety of experimental applications
Published in 2005.
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