Integrated passive design library for multilayer PCB

Integrated passive design library for multilayer PCB,10.1109/ECTC.2006.1645892,Geert Carchon,Kristof Vaesen,Xiao Sun,Steven Brebels,Toshikazu Imaoka,T

Integrated passive design library for multilayer PCB   (Citations: 1)
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An integrated passives library for a 4-metal layer microstrip PCB-technology has been developed featuring scaleable models for microstrip transmission lines, striplines, discontinuities, integrated single and multi-layer inductors and integrated capacitors. Capacitor Q-factors around 50 are obtained with Q-factors being primarily dominated by the dielectric's loss tangent. Inductor Q-factors around 40 are obtained for single and multi-layer integrated inductors. Bandpass filters, lowpass filters, quadrature couplers and baluns have been designed for the 2.4GHz and 5.2GHz band with good performance. The influence of temperature on the RF performance of integrated inductors, capacitors and an integrated bandpass filter has been evaluated over the 5degC-115degC temperature range
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