Click to Zoom-Inside Graphical Authentication

Click to Zoom-Inside Graphical Authentication,10.1109/ICDIP.2009.65,V. Kumar,M. K. Gupta,A. Chaturvedi,A. Bhardwaj,M. P. Singh

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We propose and evaluate the usability and security of Click to Zoom-inside (CTZ); a new graphical password authentication mechanism. Users have to click six times on one point in some given specific regions (pass regions) shown with dotted lines in a theme image displayed on the screen. The selected region is then zoom to create a next image. Exactly, we are not going to zoom the region object of the theme image up to six times; rather we are replacing the image with another image of the same object in big size. The next image is based on the previous click-region. We secure our scheme from shoulder surfer attacking by using WIW scheme with our scheme. We also present the results of an initial user study which revealed positive results. Performance was very good in terms of speed, accuracy, and number of errors in recognizing the images. We can also demonstrate that CTZ provides greater security than Pass Points because the number of images increases the workload for attackers also it is more user friendly and attractive than other competitive schemes. It is just parallel to Cued Click Scheme. It meets the todaypsilas requirement of extremely high security.
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    • ...The table below highlights the survey that has been done and also based on other surveys and papers [4, 16-21]...
    • ...However, there is still not much research done when dealing with spyware and guessing attacks[5, 11, 16, 22]...
    • ...It is also apparent that recognition algorithm that does not use proper high password space and not acknowledging the severity of physical attacks, are more prone to brute force attacks[16, 23]...

    Arash Habibi Lashkariet al. A Secure Recognition Based Graphical Password by Watermarking

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