A Methodology for Model-Based Regression Testing of Web Services

A Methodology for Model-Based Regression Testing of Web Services,10.1109/TAICPART.2009.23,Tamim Ahmed Khan,Reiko Heckel

A Methodology for Model-Based Regression Testing of Web Services   (Citations: 2)
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Web services and their underlying systems grow over time and need to be retested whenever there is a change, to verify that the quality has not regressed. Testing requires time and effort. If we have modified only a small part of the system, it should be possible to reuse existing tests provided that the impact of the changes made can be isolated. This paper proposes a model-based approach to this problem. Models describing interfaces of services before and after the change are compared in order to analyze the evolution of a system, identifying which tests need to be rerun and where new ones are required.
Published in 2009.
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    • ...In Khan et al. [11], a model is used to describe the interfaces of services, in particular, the model describes: components/operations and data model, the usage protocol (by using a state machine for describing service interactions and message in input/output), specifications of operations (by using OCL pre/post conditions [12]), and specifications of the process (by activity diagrams enriched with object flow information)...

    Cu D. Nguyenet al. Change Sensitivity Based Prioritization for Audit Testing of Webservic...

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