Towards the development of terahertz substrate integrated circuit technology

Towards the development of terahertz substrate integrated circuit technology,10.1109/SMIC.2010.5422993,Ke Wu

Towards the development of terahertz substrate integrated circuit technology   (Citations: 1)
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This paper begins with an overview of the state-of-the-art of substrate integrated circuits (SICs) that have been under intensive research and development since more than one decade. The attractiveness and popularity of this emerging technological platform now become more and more apparent for microwave and millimeter-wave system design as well as microwave photonic applications. Thanks to the current processing technology advancement such as enabling TSV 3-D Silicon techniques and material research progress such as nanostructured and subwavelength plasmonics, the underlying features and advantages of SICs allow us to anticipate and extrapolate their application trends towards higher end of frequency spectrum, that is, terahertz frequency range where no tangible integrated circuits technology is available to date. Interestingly, SICs may find itself as the next generation of high-frequency integrated circuits on the basis of their historical development path starting from the hollow rectangular waveguide. Challenging issues and future directions are discussed for terahertz applications, pointing to a potentially cost-effective and performance-promising ICs solution for mass commercial applications.
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    • ...In one of the author’s published papers [1], an interesting historical and current overview was made to extrapolate the technological development trends with reference to the evolution of guided-wave structures that comes out with the following remarks: A) TEM mode waveguides and/or pure metallic waveguides are more likely useful for low-frequency electronics-oriented ICs such as microstrip and CPW...
    • ...A narrative description is given in the following, summarizing interesting features and typical characteristics of those synthesized structures and related SICs, which were partly discussed in [1] but some additional viewpoints are presented in the following...
    • ...To enable the successful deployment of SICs, the following interesting thoughts are described [1]: (1) current sub-100nm CMOS technologies may provide higher fmax and fT active parts while the passive SICs components can be made within the multilayered CMOS structures with dielectric/metallic waveguide and plasmonic waveguide techniques can also be deployed; (2) the ever-popular through-silicon-via (TSV) technologies allows the 3-D ...

    Ke Wuet al. Substrate integrated circuits (SICs) for GHz and THz electronics and p...

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