Earthquake Protection by Tire-Soil Mixtures: Numerical Study

Earthquake Protection by Tire-Soil Mixtures: Numerical Study,X. Xu,S. H. Lo,H. H. Tsang,M. N. Sheikh

Earthquake Protection by Tire-Soil Mixtures: Numerical Study  
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Scrap tire stockpile has been a significant disposal problem. It has been a hot topic among engineering community to find new beneficial ways to recycle and reuse the huge stockpile. This paper proposes a new method of utilizing scrap tires for earthquake protection. The method involves mixing scrap tires with soil sediments and placing the mixtures around civil engineering structures, for absorbing vibration energy and exerting a function similar to that of a cushion. The validity of the method has been demonstrated by numerical simulations in order to show its effectiveness and robustness. A sample scenario of using this method for protecting a residential building of typical dimension demonstrates that around 4 million passenger tires can be utilized. Hence, the proposed method provides a promising way to reduce the huge stockpile. Moreover, the low-cost of this proposed earthquake protection scheme can greatly benefit the developing countries where resources and technology are not adequate for earthquake mitigation with well-developed, yet expensive, techniques.
Published in 2009.
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