Web Cache Consistency Maintenance Through Agents

Web Cache Consistency Maintenance Through Agents,10.1109/ICCSN.2010.84,A. Kannammal,R. Padmanabhan,N. C. S. N. Iyengar

Web Cache Consistency Maintenance Through Agents  
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This paper proposes the utilization of mobile agents to increase the performance in maintaining the consistency of web caches. Most popular browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape are providing options to cache the frequently used web pages in the client sites itself in order to provide faster access to the clients and to reduce the network overhead due to the reduction in number of messages transferred. In this environment, the difficulty is in maintaining the web caches in a consistent state by updating the web pages that are cached. This paper addresses this issue by exploiting the potential benefits of agent technology over this domain and analyzes its usage in increasing the performance. The performance is optimized in terms of reduction in the network load and reduction in the response time to the clients.
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