Automated Essay Scoring System for CET4

Automated Essay Scoring System for CET4,10.1109/ETCS.2010.80,Yali Li,Yonghong Yan

Automated Essay Scoring System for CET4   (Citations: 1)
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In this paper, we introduced an automated essay scoring system for CET4 (College English Test band 4, national English level test in the People's Republic of China). We give score on several components including some surface features, grammar checking, sentences and whether the essay is off-topic. For the surface feature, we used the number of words, number of sentence, average word length, average sentence length etc. For grammar checking, we use two bigram models trained on the reference corpus both in words and part-of-speech tags. In sentence scoring component, we use the portion of short part-of-speech tag sequence match to the reference corpus and the sentence error detection written by rules. For detecting off-topic essays, we use two approaches. One is simply comparing key words in the topic and the article and the other is content vector analysis model. In the end, we use the linear regression to get a final score. We get the result of 70.125% precision given the two scores deviation and average deviation of 1.955 compared to human score on real CET4 data.
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