Magnetically tuned CRLH CPW zeroth order antenna

Magnetically tuned CRLH CPW zeroth order antenna,10.1109/MELCON.2010.5475945,Gheorghe Sajin,Stefan Simion,Florea Craciunoiu,Andrei Muller,Alina Cristi

Magnetically tuned CRLH CPW zeroth order antenna  
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This paper presents the results in frequency tuning of a CPW antenna based on CRLH (Composite Right/Left-Handed) transmission lines. In order to be tuned, the antenna was made on a ferrite substrate. The tuning is obtained by magnetically biasing this ferrite substrate with a magnetic biasing field variable between 0 T and 0.26 T. Data obtained by simulation with a suitable microwave software indicate a frequency shift of 530 MHz at a working frequency of 12.88 GHz, in very good agreement with the experimental results showing a frequency shift of 450 MHz.
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