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Engaging the jammer on the jammed channel in MANET

Engaging the jammer on the jammed channel in MANET,10.1109/ICET.2010.5638503,Saira Beg,Faraz Ahsan,Sajjad Mohsin

Engaging the jammer on the jammed channel in MANET  
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Jamming attack, in the form of either continuous or periodic, can easily be deployed in wireless network due to openness of the underlying medium. Traditional strategies do not work against jammer, therefore either nodes passively doze out till the jamming phase is over or they actively move out of the jammed region. For small devices having lesser or no mobility, channel hop is an alternate where nodes move to another channel and try to re-establish the network. If the jammer is well informed about the network, it can follow legitimate nodes on the newer channel. In this paper, we propose the idea that when the nodes resume on the newer channel, they engage the jammer on the jammed channel by alternatively visiting and sending legal packets on the network in a coordinated manner. This way, even if the jammer is intelligent, a legal packet will result in a jam-burst, i.e. pretending to be channel in use. Later, simulation results in favor of the idea are presented.
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