A multi-sensor platform for wide-area tracking

A multi-sensor platform for wide-area tracking,10.1109/ISMAR.2010.5643604,Christian Waechter,Manuel Huber,Peter Keitler,Michael Schlegel,Gudrun Klinke

A multi-sensor platform for wide-area tracking  
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Indoor tracking scenarios still face challenges in providing continuous tracking support in wide-area workplaces. This is especially the case in Augmented Reality since such augmentations generally require exact full 6DOF pose measurements in order to continuously display D graphics from user-related view points. Many single sensor systems have been explored but only few of them have the capability to track reliably in wide-area environments. We introduce a mobile multi-sensor platform to overcome the shortcomings of single sensor systems. The platform is equipped with a detachable optical camera and a rigidly mounted odometric measurement system providing relative positions and orientations with respect to the ground plane. The camera is used for marker-based as well as for marker-less (feature-based) inside-out tracking as part of a hybrid approach. We explain the principle tracking technologies in our competitive/cooperative fusion approach and show possible enhancements to further developments. This inside-out approach scales well with increasing tracking range, as opposed to stationary outside-in tracking.
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