CMOS biosensor platform

CMOS biosensor platform,10.1109/IEDM.2010.5703484,F. Widdershoven,D. Van Steenwinckel,J. Überfeld,T. Merelle,H. Suy,F. Jedema,R. Hoofman,C. Tak,A. Se

CMOS biosensor platform  
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F. Widdershoven, D. Van Steenwinckel, J. Überfeld, T. Merelle, H. Suy, F. Jedema, R. Hoofman, C. Tak, A. Sedzin, B. Cobelens, E. Sterckx, R. van der Werf
The detection principle, process integration and system architecture of a novel 90-nm CMOS-based mixed-signal capacitive biosensor with 256 × 256 densely packed nano-electrodes are presented. The sensor operates at modulation frequencies up to 200 MHz, and has on-chip temperature sensors, A/D converters and digital I/O. Brownian motion of nanobeads over the sensor surface has been recorded in real time. The biosensor principle has been validated with a biological test assay. The sensor provides a versatile platform for a multitude of novel multiplexed biosensing applications with enhanced performance by digital control and statistical data analysis.
Conference: International Electron Devices Meeting - IEDM , pp. 36.1.1-36.1.4, 2010
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