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A system to inset a pop up in TV screen for home security

A system to inset a pop up in TV screen for home security,10.1109/INTERACT.2010.5706152,R. P. Santhosh,R. Shankar,M. Avinaash,W. I. Edward

A system to inset a pop up in TV screen for home security  
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This paper is to explain about the picture in picture technology that is used innovatively for automated wireless home security. The present home security system needs an LCD screen that is located somewhere inside the home to view the camera video. At some point of time, consider the time when you are watching a very interesting program in the television, may be the last over of a T-20 match or the final minutes of a soccer match, your mind won't allow you to think of anything else than the ongoing match. At this circumstance, when anyone rings your door bell, naturally you won't mind that, whoever the guest may be. At another instance, if you are tired of attending unwelcomed guests n times, chances are there to neglect the guest at the n+1th time more consciously. If the guest at the door is an opportunity, it would be evidently missed. Our innovation to conquer this problem is, the video of the person standing at the door is made appeared at the television screen not by replacing the existing cable signal but as a pop up screen which covers a small portion of the TV screen. So, by noticing the pop up, one can decide which is vital - either the TV program or the guest. This pop up disappears automatically after a certain point of time when the guest leaves.
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