SNM detection based on X-ray scattering

SNM detection based on X-ray scattering,10.1109/NSSMIC.2010.5873817,Weiqi Huang,Yigang Yang,Yuanjing Li,Bairong Wang,Yongshun Xiao

SNM detection based on X-ray scattering  
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We present in this paper the study of special nuclear materials (SNM) detection method based on Pair production and Compton scattering Atomic Number Identification (PCANI) technique. PCANI, a technique that uses the information of annihilation and Compton scattered photons from target is applied at first to achieve the atomic number(Z) identification. Because of the Z2 and Z1 relationship of pair production cross section and Compton scattering cross section with Z, the ratio of 511keV γ number versus scattered γ number is proportional to Z, which gives us a chance to know what the atom is. PCANI is sensitive to high Z materials so it is not difficult to separate heavy metal from common goods that are mixed together in cargoes. The results of Monte Carlo calculations show that PCANI method can identify elements effectively, especially for high Z materials such as SNM. An experimental facility based on 7 MeV LINAC has been setup for feasibility study. Annihilation and backscattered photons have been observed with LaBr3(Ce) detector. Preliminary results show that high Z materials can be discriminated successfully.
Published in 2010.
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