Hardware/Software Communication Middleware for Data Adaptable Embedded Systems

Hardware/Software Communication Middleware for Data Adaptable Embedded Systems,10.1109/ECBS.2011.12,Sachidanand Mahadevan,Vijay Shankar Gopinath,Roman

Hardware/Software Communication Middleware for Data Adaptable Embedded Systems   (Citations: 1)
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Recent trends toward increased flexibility and configurability in emerging applications present demanding challenges for implementing systems that incorporate such capabilities. The resulting application configuration space is generally much larger than any one hardware implementation can support. We present an overview of a new data-adaptive approach to rapid design and implementation of such highly configurable applications. In support of this data-adaptable approach, we demonstrate an efficient and flexible hardware/software communication middleware to support the seamless communication between hardware and software tasks at runtime. We highlight the flexibility of this interface and present an initial case study with results demonstrating the performance capabilities and area requirements. Keywords-Data adaptability; model-based design; hardware/software codesign; hardware/software communication middleware
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    • ...System (DARES) [1][2] approach combines the three steps by employing the hardware-software co-design and reconfigurable computing methodologies to enable rapid design and implementation of highly configurable applications...
    • ...Figure 1 (from [2]) provides a conceptual overview of data-adaptable computing, presenting a particular configuration of software and hardware processing tasks along with alternative hardware task implementations that are available— though not currently in use—for an example streaming application...

    Vijay Shankar Gopinathet al. Modeling of Data Adaptable Reconfigurable Embedded Systems

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