A hybrid energy scavenging sensor for long-term mechanical strain monitoring

A hybrid energy scavenging sensor for long-term mechanical strain monitoring,10.1109/ISCAS.2011.5938105,Chenling Huang,Shantanu Chakrabartty

A hybrid energy scavenging sensor for long-term mechanical strain monitoring   (Citations: 1)
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We had previously reported a self-powered floating- gate level-crossing sensor/processor where the energy for sensing, computation and storage was extracted directly from the input strain variations. However, self-powering was found insufficient for wireless interrogation and configuration of the sensor. In this paper, we present a hybrid energy scavenging sensor where self-powering is employed for long-term ambient mechanical strain monitoring, whereas data digitization, framing, telemetry and high-voltage floating-gate configuration/programming are performed remotely using RF powering. As a hybrid energy scavenger, the sensor can seamlessly harvest working energy from both vibrations and RF signals under different working conditions. Therefore, the sensor does not experience any down- time and can continuously operate by recording key statistics of the ambient strain signals. Sensor prototypes with an integrated 13.56MHz RF interface have been fabricated in a 0.5-��m standard CMOS process and the measured results verify the long-term autonomous monitoring capability of the sensor. I. INTRODUCTION
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    • ...S NONVOLATILE programmable circuit elements, floating-gate (FG) transistors have been extensively used for designing EEPROMs and flash memories [1], [2], for designing analog signal processors [3], [4], and for designing energy scavenging sensors [5]...
    • ...and power-outages, making the technology also attractive for energy scavenging sensors [5]...

    Chenling Huanget al. Rail-to-Rail, Linear Hot-Electron Injection Programming of Floating-Ga...

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