Medical simulation platform

Medical simulation platform,10.1109/ISCI.2011.5959004,J. S. S. Melo,L. M. Brasil,R. Balaniuk,E. Ferneda,J. S. Santana

Medical simulation platform  
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The Medical Simulation Platform (MSP), developed and validated by teachers and students of the medical area, tried to present the architecture of a virtual platform that integrates formal content in the form of texts, ontologies, 3D images and simulation. A case study was accomplished in the area of the skull bone anatomy for graduation courses in the area of Health. Informatics applied to the area of Health has been gaining emphasis in the last years. It has been contributing, for instance, to the medical decision making process by helping and suggesting diagnoses, as well as to the improvement in the medical teaching. Concerning the information technology available for the area of Health today, it is possible to bring about a jump in quality by means of platforms that are able to quickly provide selected, lapidated and modeled data to support the medical decision process (1). Informatics in Health has been making use of new computational tools and technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Multimedia, Hypermedia and the Internet. Nowadays several initiatives try to make the association of these approaches to obtain greater precision from the medical information manipulated. More specifically, the demand of the medical area for teaching innovation is evidenced by the increasing interest in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (2) applied to several areas in Health, such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and simulation of surgery procedures. The human anatomy is one of the basic disciplines in the teaching of Health sciences, being frequent the need for consultation of text books, anatomy atlas and even the manipulation of cadavers. These facts motivated the development of the ITS Medical Simulation Platform (MSP), presented as follows. This work is organized into five topics. In the first one it is presented a general view of the theoretical reference of this work, aiming at the comprehension of the concepts, methodologies and platforms used as basis, such as: ( i) Intelligent Tutoring Systems, ( ii ) Ontologies, ( iii ) Virtual Reality, ( iv ) Inference machines. The requisites for validation, analysis and evaluation of MSP are expressed in the other topics, results, discussion and conclusion.
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