Oscillometric blood pressure pulse morphology

Oscillometric blood pressure pulse morphology,10.1109/MeMeA.2011.5966753,Majid Mafi,Miodrag Bolic,Voicu Z. Groza,Hilmi R. Dajani,Sreeraman Rajan

Oscillometric blood pressure pulse morphology   (Citations: 1)
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This paper presents a new analysis of oscillometric blood pressure signals using pulse morphology under different pressure points. As the pulse morphology contains potentially critical clinical information, quantitative signal metrics are used to characterize the blood pressure pulse using pulse morphology. Signals metrics at three different pressure points namely systolic, mean arterial and diastolic pressure points are obtained and are compared across three different age groups (<30, 30-55, >55). It is observed that the pulses change their characteristics at different pressure points and also with age. This preliminary analysis indicates the usefulness of pulse morphology of oscillometric blood pressure signals for diagnostic purposes through comparison of the proposed signal metrics over age and at different pressure points.
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    • ...In a different approach, we utilized quantitative measures that describe the pulse morphology (Augmentation Index, @T/T Ratio, Stiffness Index, Reflection Index [Mafi11]) in order to obtain the estimates of mean arterial, systolic, and diastolic pressures...

    Voicu Z. Groza. Issues in medical measurements

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