Design and analysis of a novel micro-gripper with completely parallel movement of gripping arms

Design and analysis of a novel micro-gripper with completely parallel movement of gripping arms,10.1109/ICIEA.2011.5975943,Shunli Xiao,Yangmin Li,Xinh

Design and analysis of a novel micro-gripper with completely parallel movement of gripping arms   (Citations: 1)
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The paper presents the design and analysis of a micro-gripper which has absolutely parallel movement of the gripping arms when it grasps or releases micro objects. By employing a compact displacement amplifier and several flexure supporting hinges, a novel gripper with simple symmetrical structure driven by piezoelectric actuators has been designed. The kinematics and dynamic modeling of the gripper are conducted by resorting to compliance and stiffness analysis based on matrix method, which are validated by finite-element analysis (FEA). Both FEA and the compliacne/matrix model have well validated the movement of the gripping arms moving completely symmetrical parallel without any rotation, stretch or expansion. With the proper amplification ratio and the stroke of the PZT, the designed gripper has a large movement range, the displacement of the arms can reach 300���� , which has great potential in applications. I. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the increased demands of the technical appli- cations in Micro/Nano field lead to increasing complexity of the micro devices. These devices can only be assembled by all kinds of Micro/Nano-position and gripper devices. It is essential to develop a set of new assembling technology which can be used to handle of very small parts. The problems of handling of very small micro-optical, micro-electronic and micro-mechanical elements in Micro/Nano-meter range can be solved using Micro/Nano-position stages (1). In view of the increasing functionalities of such systems, special micro- gripper is also a very active research direction. A great number of micro-grippers proposed for the Micro/Nano application can be found in literatures (2). There are several typical micro-grippers different in using new materials, adopting new actuators or owning diversity structures. A typical class of electrostatic micro-gripper is featured with silicon and silicon- processed technology. Electro-thermal actuator can also be used in developing a typical micro-gripper. Shape memory alloy (SMA) allows high accuracy in micro-positioning and has great advantages such as large deformation, strong recov- ery force and a high work density. Moreover, Electro active polymers are utilized as actuators in micro grippers. The three- gripper fingers are developed based on Electro active polymers, but they are difficult to fabricate by resorting to silicon processing method. Also, there are a lot of literatures focused
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    • ... two laser displacement sensor(Microtrak II head model: LTC-025-02 from MTI instrument,Inc.) with a resolution of 0.1�� and linearity better than 0.05% over a measurement range of 2���� associated with a high-accuracy multifunction data acquisition and control board (model: NI PCI-6289 from National Instruments) will be used to construct the experimental setup, a gripper will be attached to the stage for achieving grasping operation [13]...

    Shunli Xiaoet al. Design and analysis of a novel flexure-based XY micro-positioning stag...

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