Interactive 3D multi-angle live streaming system

Interactive 3D multi-angle live streaming system,10.1109/ISCE.2011.5973896,Hideaki Kimata,Katsuhiko Fukazawa,Akio Kameda,Yoshie Yamaguchi,Norihiko Mat

Interactive 3D multi-angle live streaming system  
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Low delay interactive 3D multi-angle live streaming system is proposed to provide users with high sensation of both depth impression and realistic feeling, by viewing D video and low delay interaction of camera angle change. The proposed system consists of real-time multi-view encoding part and low delay server client streaming part. The server has the live stream buffer management for extraction and delivery in synchronization of the users’ requested multi-view streams, and the client has prefetching mechanism to decrease the latency of camera switching. The user can change his/her viewpoint fast, continuing to see HD quality 3D video. The video stream is formatted as a H.264 Annex H (MVC) standard and the proposed system utilizes view scalability feature of MVC.
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