Study of art of automotive active suspensions

Study of art of automotive active suspensions,10.1109/PESA.2011.5982958,X. D. Xue,K. W. E. Cheng,Z. Zhang,J. K. Lin,D. H. Wang,Y. J. Bao,M. K. Wong,N.

Study of art of automotive active suspensions   (Citations: 1)
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In this study, research and development of automotive active suspensions are reviewed. Structures and models of various automotive suspensions are described. Furthermore, typical commercial products of automotive suspensions are illustrated. Based on the reported studies and development, the authors discus the comparisons between various vehicular suspensions from the aspects of structure, weight, cost, ride comfort, handling performance, reliability, dynamic performance, energy recovery, and commercial maturity. Consequently, it is deduced that electromagnetic active suspensions are the future trend of automotive suspensions due to simple structure, high-bandwidth, accurate and flexible force control, high ride quality, good handling performance, and energy regeneration. At the same time, the issues of future research and development of electromagnetic active suspensions are proposed. Keywords-Active suspensions, actuators, vehicles.
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