QoS-aware heterogeneous networking using distributed multiagent schemes

QoS-aware heterogeneous networking using distributed multiagent schemes,10.1109/IWCMC.2011.5982794,Jiann-Liang Chen,Yanuarius Teofilus Larosa,Der-Jiun

QoS-aware heterogeneous networking using distributed multiagent schemes  
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This study achieves Quality-of-Service (QoS) man- agement in heterogeneous networking using a distributed multi- agent scheme (DMAS) based on the concept of cooperation and the awareness algorithm. The proposed scheme is developed for supporting QoS management in a user-accepted and cost- effective fashion, which consists of a collection of problem-solving agents with three modules: the knowledge source, the in-cloud blackboard system, and the control engine built into the scheme. A set of problem-solving agents autonomously process local tasks and cooperatively interoperate via an in-cloud blackboard system to guarantee QoS. An awareness algorithm, called the Q-learning algorithm, calculates the exceptive rewards of a handoff to all access networks. These rewards are then used by these problem- solving agents to determine what to do. Through operations and cooperation among the active agents, a policy is selected and a user-accepted schedule that meets the specified QoS is generated. Compared with traditional QoS management mechanisms, the proposed DMAS scheme has a 36% lower packet loss ratio in video streaming applications and a 34% lower average delay in VoIP applications with only a minor sacrifice in system computational complexity. Index Terms—Heterogeneous Network, Cooperative Network- ing, Distributed Multi-Agent Scheme, Cloud Computing, Q- learning Algorithm, Quality of Service.
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