Towards shape-based visual object categorization for humanoid robots

Towards shape-based visual object categorization for humanoid robots,10.1109/ICRA.2011.5980065,D. Gonzalez-Aguirre,J. Hoch,S. Rohl,T. Asfour,E. Bayro-

Towards shape-based visual object categorization for humanoid robots   (Citations: 1)
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Humanoid robots should be able to grasp and handle objects in the environment, even if the objects are seen for the first time. A plausible solution to this problem is to categorize these objects into existing classes with associated actions and functional knowledge. So far, efforts on visual object categorization using humanoid robots have either been focused on appearance-based methods or have been restricted to object recognition without generalization capabilities. In this work, a shape model-based approach using stereo vision and machine learning for object categorization is intro- duced. The state-of-the-art features for shape matching and shape retrieval were evaluated and selectively transfered into the visual categorization. Visual sensing from different vantage points allows the reconstruction of 3D mesh models of the objects found in the scene by exploiting knowledge about the environment for model-based segmentation and registration. These reconstructed 3D mesh models were used for shape feature extraction for categorization and provide sufficient information for grasping and manipulation. Finally, the visual categorization was successfully performed with a variety of fea- tures and classifiers allowing proper categorization of unknown objects even when object appearance and shape substantially differ from the training set. Experimental evaluation with the humanoid robot ARMAR-IIIa is presented.
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