A software-hardware emulator for sensor networks

A software-hardware emulator for sensor networks,10.1109/SAHCN.2011.5984928,Jingyao Zhang,Yi Tang,Sachin Hirve,Srikrishna Iyer,Patrick Schaumont,Yalin

A software-hardware emulator for sensor networks   (Citations: 1)
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Simulators are important tools for analyzing and evaluating different design options for wireless sensor networks (sensornets) and hence, have been intensively studied in the past decades. However, existing simulators only support evaluations of protocols and software aspects of sensornet design. They cannot accurately capture the significant impacts of various hardware designs on sensornet performance. As a result, the performance/energy benefits of customized hardware designs are difficult to be evaluated in sensornet research. To fill in this technical void, in this paper, we describe the design and imple- mentation of SUNSHINE, a scalable hardware-software emulator for sensornet applications. SUNSHINE is the first sensornet simulator that effectively supports joint evaluation and design of sensor hardware and software performance in a networked context. SUNSHINE captures the performance of network pro- tocols, software and hardware up to cycle-level accuracy through its seamless integration of three existing sensornet simulators: a network simulator TOSSIM (1), an instruction-set simulator SimulAVR (2) and a hardware simulator GEZEL (3). SUNSHINE solves several sensornet simulation challenges, including data exchanges and time synchronizations across different simulation domains and simulation accuracy levels. SUNSHINE also pro- vides hardware specification scheme for simulating flexible and customized hardware designs. Several experiments are given to illustrate SUNSHINE's simulation capability. Evaluation results are provided to demonstrate that SUNSHINE is an efficient tool for software-hardware co-design in sensornet research.
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