Dynamic Display Design of Large Jewelry Products

Dynamic Display Design of Large Jewelry Products,10.1109/PACCS.2011.5990126,Minghui Yu,Leyi Ji,Le Xie

Dynamic Display Design of Large Jewelry Products  
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Large jewelry products are special ones displaying well-known buildings in the form of jewelry art works. However, as the static products can not deduce all the fine constructive structures displayed, we took the Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall as the object of study and introduced the Virtual manufacturing and designing method into the large jewelry manufacturing. In the research, we used the UG software to reconstruct the three-dimensional model and studied the dynamic display of large jewelry products. From all the above methods, we can solve the problem of displaying constructive structure features, predict the appearance and manufacturability of jewelry products optimize the process of research, reduce the production cost and thus increase the efficiency of the pre- production preparation. Key words-virtual manufacturing, three-dimensional model, jewelry products I. INTRODUCTION The jewelry-making and processing industry in Panyu Guangzhou is one of the biggest jewelry-making base,and its processing accounted for 60% of the national total. As the third biggest jewelry-making and exporting center, 60% of the jewel product in HongKong are maded in Panyu, and 95% of the famous brand jewel are maded in Panyu. Jewelry industry is a labor-intensive traditional industries, and the whole informationization of enterprise is fall behind the other manufacturing industry, and the fierce international market competition makes Jewelry manufacturers eagerly to promote the competitiveness of enterprises by introducing advanced processing concepts and processing techniques. Virtual manufacturing technology has been widely used in electronics, machinery processing and other manufacturing industries, but the application of the Virtual manufacturing in the jewelry industry is just focused on jewelry design. As a matter of fact, Jewelry production and processing industry can reflect the characteristics of its industry better. So if we add the Virtual manufacturing technology to the Jewelry processing enterorises, we can predict the product appearance, cost and manufacturability, and the optimization of resources, reducing costs, improving productivity can all be achieved. As China's economic strength become strong, its people raise the level of art appreciation, using jewelry art to show the famous building becomes more and more common, such as the "Jewelry Temple of Heaven Qi Niandian". The large-scale jewelry products is a kind of special jewelry products, which is different from general jewelry, it has a long production period, high making difficulty and cost of production. The target usually is some famous buildings that has historical and cultural significance, the production quantity usually is only one that has high artistic appreciation and collection value. The large-scale jewelry products is generally use static display, but the static jewelry products can not show its target's subtle structural and rich cultural connotations. In this paper, the Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall is showed by using the large-scale jewelry form ,and the dynamic presentation of large-scale jewelry products is studied.
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