Pictures, Audio and Movies - Positioned around Me (PAM-PAM)

Pictures, Audio and Movies - Positioned around Me (PAM-PAM),10.1109/ICALT.2011.132,Darren Mundy,Linda Hockley

Pictures, Audio and Movies - Positioned around Me (PAM-PAM)  
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Many of the spaces that we inhabit have histories of creative content production, the houses we live in, the places we frequent, the places we work and the environment that forms our home. Some creative content can be accessed through our physical archives of books, images and moving pictures, however, this takes time to search and retrieve data from. This project is built on the concept of capturing some of the creative content produced linked to the physical places in which they were composed. This paper describes the design of a system for students to create and discover media in relation to their physical location. The idea behind the system is to facilitate the creation of informal creative learning communities through virtual spaces enabled by location based technologies. Therefore to encourage students to share, disseminate and discover creative artifacts linked to the places in which they are living. The paper outlines how the tool could be used in particular learning and teaching contexts and describes the plan for evaluating the tool over the duration of 2011.
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