Metamaterial inspired electrically small patch antenna

Metamaterial inspired electrically small patch antenna,10.1109/APS.2011.5996387,Venkata A. Tamma,Tin-Ei Wang,Edward F. Kuester,Christopher L. Holloway

Metamaterial inspired electrically small patch antenna  
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We present a circular patch antenna that has been miniaturized by use of a magneto-dielectric substrate composed of an array of barium strontium titanate (BST) cubes embedded in Teflon substrate. The patch diameter was reduced by 4.5 times when compared to a traditional λ/2 patch antenna radiating at the same frequency but without the magneto-dielectric substrate. Experimental results agree well with simulations and show that if matched well, the antenna can exhibit two peak gains of 7 dB and 2.7 dB at 2.347 GHz and 2.377 GHz respectively. The antenna radiates with an efficiency of 45 % at 2.435 GHz.
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