MoM impedance integrals in conductive media

MoM impedance integrals in conductive media,10.1109/APS.2011.5996674,Joris Peeters,Ignace Bogaert,Kristof Cools,Daniel de Zutter

MoM impedance integrals in conductive media  
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During the past decades, much research has been done towards the efficient calculation of impedance integrals in the Method of Moments. However, these results were almost always uniquely concerned with penetrable media. In this contri- bution, it will be shown how the integrals can be treated in highly conductive media as well. The rapid exponential decline of the Green's function, due to the losses, is the root of all additional complexities. The method as presented here takes care of these problems in a scalable way, i.e. the computation time becomes independent of the conductivity of the material. It is not meant as a replacement for techniques in penetrable media, due to some additional costs, but is - to our knowledge - the only approach that currently exists to efficiently handle conductive media. This paper presents the ideas and techniques in a fairly condensed manner. More information can be found in (1). I. INTRODUCTION The impedance integrals in the Method of Moments de- scribe the interaction between basis and test functions by means of the Green's function e −jkr 4πr or its gradient, with k the wave number in the interaction domain and the wavelength given by λ = 2π
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