Computer software engineering management measures

Computer software engineering management measures,10.1109/ICCSN.2011.6013699,Wang Jing,Zhuang GuangLei,Wang ZongChen

Computer software engineering management measures  
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The software engineering is confronted with severe software crisis in our country, which makes the software engineering management (SEM) face great challenge. This study examines the matters with SEM and introduces the management strategies about software engineering adopted in these years, including personnel management, control management, quality management, risk management, etc. Along with the implementation of the development strategy of "persist in using IT to propel industrialization", China's informatization construction steps into a new period. However, the "software crisis" and the insufficient knowledge of the software engineering management importance in the society bury enormous hidden troubles for the informatization construction. In accordance with the report released in 1990s by Gartner (the world's leading information technology research and advisory company), it indicated that 80%-90% of the global information technology projects had not reached the expected objectives, 80% of projects went over-budget, and 40% ended at failure or were eventually abandoned, while in China only less than 25% of projects met the needs and technological specifications and 10% satisfied the definite work target (1) . Currently, China is faced with severe "software crisis" such as software's poor quality, too-low productivity, great waste of funds and progress unable to be guaranteed, allowing a large number of state-owned assets to run off. However, software project management out of control is the major reason to cause the software crisis. Besides, the years of developing experiences in foreign countries prove that software engineering management is one of the essential techniques of software industry, which is the factor to influence the overall software R & D project, exerting a decisive role in the successful implementation of the entire project. Therefore, the software engineering management is of crucial significance.
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