Managing territorial emergencies with Ubimedic2

Managing territorial emergencies with Ubimedic2,Elton Domnori,Giacomo Cabri,Letizia Leonardi

Managing territorial emergencies with Ubimedic2  
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We propose Ubimedic2, an agent based frame- work that enables the implementation of Multi-Agent Systems for emergency management and territorial disasters. In this demo we present a simple simulation to better expose the Ubimedic2 functionalities. Keywords-agent; healthcare; Ubimedic2; I. INTRODUCTION The Fist Aid service, territorial emergencies and large- scale disasters are some of the most critical activities in the healthcare system. The criticality of these situations needs a prompt response, coordination, cooperation and decision making. The promptness of the intervention is decisive for the succeeding of rescue operations. The actors involved in these scenarios, are not only ambulances and medical staffs but also the fire department and the police department. All these actors must cooperate and coordinate in order to reach their target. The dynamism of the events is another peculiarity of these scenarios. The situation may change rapidly and the same must be the reaction of these actors. The ability to cooperate and coordinate with each other must not loose performance. The tasks to perform are complex, different and depend on the situations, which sometime are unpredictable. In this demo we will show Ubimedic2 (1) a multi-agent framework able to organize the complex work of rescue operations, taking the appropriate decisions. It is written in Java and relies on the JADE platform. We took the idea of device communication exposed in Ubimedic (2) adding the intelligent component able to seft organisation.
Published in 2011.
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