A Round-Optimized Authenticated Group Key Agreement

A Round-Optimized Authenticated Group Key Agreement,10.1109/wicom.2011.6038692,Bin Hao,Yu Yang,Shoushan Luo,Yixian Yang

A Round-Optimized Authenticated Group Key Agreement  
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Group Key Agreement(GKA) protocol provides a set of participants with a shared common key to secure a subsequent communication. Many protocols based on ring structure have been proposed after Steiner et al.'s initial and seminal work called GDH. The number of communication rounds of these protocols is at least equal to the number of participants. In this paper, we propose a round-optimized authenticated group key agreement protocol which needs only n 2 +1 ( about half the number of participants ) rounds and also promotes computation efficient (we compared ours with AKE1 in this paper). Index Terms—group key agreement, authenticated, DDH, Ad- hoc networks
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