Correction of artifacts in diffusion-weighted MR images

Correction of artifacts in diffusion-weighted MR images,10.1109/TSP.2011.6043703,Petr Marcon,Karel Bartusek,Radim Korinek,Zdenek Dokoupil

Correction of artifacts in diffusion-weighted MR images  
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The authors describe the techniques for measuring diffusion coefficients and creating DWI and DTI images. In order to increase the accuracy of diffusion coefficient measurement, it is necessary to eliminate the influence of artifacts such as the influence of magnetic field inhomogeneity, eddy currents, or temperature. For these artifact sources, the article presents experimental detection of the magnitude of errors, which is realized using the three measurements method, and proposes correction possibilities. The results are compared with diffusion measurements at different sizes of b-factors. Keywords—Artifact, diffusion coefficient, eddy currents, gradient, magnetic resonance. I. INTRODUCTION MAGING based on nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) is one of important methods for the study of tissues and molecules. Its diagnostic results in medicine are indisputable. The MR method enables measuring the slow motion of nuclei and molecules (D = 10 -10 ÷ 10 -12 m 2
Published in 2011.
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