DWT-based robust video fingerprinting

DWT-based robust video fingerprinting,10.1109/EuVIP.2011.6045522,A. Garboan,M. Mitrea,F. Preteux

DWT-based robust video fingerprinting   (Citations: 1)
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Video fingerprints are short features extracted from a video sequence in order to uniquely identify that visual content and its replicas. The present paper introduces a new DWTbased robust video fingerprinting method. In this respect, a characteristic set of wavelet coefficients is used as fingerprint. Due to the inner DWT properties with respect to content preserving attacks (such as linear filtering, sharpening, geometric, conversion to grayscale, small rotations, contrast changes), good results in terms of probability of missed detection and probability of false alarm are obtained. The video corpus consists of 3 hours of heterogeneous original content and of its attacked versions (a total of 21 hours of video content).
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    • ...In a previous study [2], the authors have already addressed the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) video fingerprinting issue...
    • ...First, a previous study reported in [2] employed as fingerprint the 360 highest absolute value coefficients from the Nr HL and...
    • ...the fingerprint) proposed here aims at conveying more information about the spatial distribution of salient features within the frames as compared to the proposal in [2]...
    • ...correlation between k f and k While for the method in [2] the correlation was computed between the DWT coefficients without any organization or hierarchy of the coefficients, for the current method, the correlation is computed between the coefficients disposed on ranks, i.e...

    A. Garboanet al. Video retrieval by means of robust fingerprinting

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