NLOS mitigation for low-cost IR-UWB RTLS

NLOS mitigation for low-cost IR-UWB RTLS,10.1109/ICUWB.2011.6058931,Moon-kyoung Kang,Jimyng Kang,Soon Woo Lee,Young-Jin Park,Kwan-Ho Kim

NLOS mitigation for low-cost IR-UWB RTLS  
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This paper proposes a method for mitigation of non- line-of-sight (NLOS) situations in a real time location system (RTLS) using an impulse radio ultra wide band (IR-UWB). Based on our experiment, we found that there is a slight chance to meet the line-of-sight (LOS) at all the readers of RTLS in a realistic scenario. In the NLOS environment, there are two problems of packet-miss error and multi-path error as well. To compensate for the packet-miss error, this paper presents a new algorithm (PPTi), which uses previous time information before the time difference of arrival (TDOA) positioning technique calculates the coordinate of the target. We also employed the Kalman Filter (KF) to mitigate multi-path error. Our proposed algorithm provides a 5.9% increased positioning success rate and a 25.6% decreased root mean square error (RMSE) in an NLOS environment.
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